Algae Will Rule All

white algae

Inventing/problem solving solutions with lasting change is hard work. Take the above photo for example, it shows the result from six months of extreme effort. The challenge was to take my company’s 100% algae biomass from its natural chlorophyll-laden (green) state and remove the color/odor in the most environmentally thoughtful way possible. After researching and tinkering all hours of the day and night, and many failed attempts, I finally cracked the code. Introducing algae biomass as the next legitimate high-technology solution. 100% renewable, GMO-free, zero pesticides use, no land use, and no competition with food or feed. The pigment/odor removal process doesn’t leave any residual material behind either, so there’s no added waste. To say that I’m excited is an understatement… Think plastics, foams, films, and fibers made with algae that is white and odorless.

Yeah, I made that happen! Petrochemicals, we’re coming for you…